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Touted as a way to improve team spirit and develop life skills, the scholarships are a way to drive down the $44,000 cost of tuition, room and board.Kurt Melcher, the Associate Athletic Director at obert Morris, dreamed up the idea of a videogame scholarship this past spring when he came across a game called „League of Legends,” Mr. Bensema’s specialty. The online game of strategy and teamwork pits teams of five players against one another in a battle for domination that is sort of like a high-speed digital version of capture the flag.
„I just couldn’t believe how elaborate it was,” said Mr. Melcher.’League of Legends’ charactern October, the League of Legends world championships drew 32 million viewers online. An additional 18,000 fans packed the Staples Center in Los Angeles to watch two teams of five skinny young men click away on their mice—as the game played out on huge screens overhead. When a player died, fans screamed as loudly as if Kobe Bryant had just launched himself from the free-throw line and thrown down a two-handed dunk.
Mr. Bensema, whose earnestness and braces make him seem even younger than his years, was first sucked into this online world two years ago when his cousin introduced him to the game.”I didn’t really play videogames that much but he said, ‚Trust me, just check it out,’ ” Mr. Bensema said.He now plays about four hours a day, starting around 9 p.m.
screen, he does battle via three avatars: Annie, a redhead who carries a teddy bear and can shoot flames; Malzahar, a prophet with glowing blue eyes and the power to stun his enemies; and Zed, „Master of the Shadows,” who can teleport himself and fire a „deathmark” to kill opponents.
hen I’m playing, I’m thinking about who to kill, and how to kill them and whether any of my teammates needs my help,” Mr. Bensema said. „Every game is totally different.”